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Without the hype and fluff

Side Hustle

Without the hype and fluff

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing


There’s a load of information published about doing business online.

Some good, some not so good.

In my nearly two decades online I’ve had heartfelt conversations with folks who have burst forth with ambition and enthusiasm into this profession, and who later had their momentum crushed by ‘reality’.


Because Affiliate Marketing is somehow flawed?

No. Because they were misinformed about what it really takes to succeed.

Expectations were way out of whack.

Let me explain.

Affiliate Marketing is a subset of a larger category called Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

There are several skills that are common to all marketing categories, and to successful in one category like Affiliate Marketing, you'll need to learn those skills.

Two big ones are: Copywriting and Human Psychology.

80% of your success online rests on mastering these two skills.

Then comes a few technical skills and tools needed to launch your offers into the marketplace.

These are much easier to master.

Still, it's a process... it takes time... there's a lot to learn and implement. (like in any other profession)

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you do not need to create your own products, process credit cards, hold inventory, provide customer service, rent premises, or even do the 'selling' part.

As an affiliate, most of the grunt work that traditional businesses must face is eliminated.

This leaves you to focus on one thing...


No sugar coating it.

The problem is that most peddlers of basic online courses won't tell you the full story.

They will gladly sell you the 'easy parts', like the online tools you need... page builders, autoresponder, tracking, etc. which means you're into monthly recurring fees for software and services before you even know what you're doing.

Leaving you mad and frustrated!

The tools alone will not cause you to succeed.

Having the best product won't cause you to succeed.

Spamming links all over social media won't cause you to succeed.

Choosing the 'right' traffic source isn't the answer.

To succeed, you must learn marketing.

The whole enchilada.

And that's the reason why most people struggle to make any money online.

Not What You Thought?

At this point you might be thinking...

I rather book myself in for a root canal at the dentist than become a "Marketer". 

After all... isn't marketing sleazy anyway?

Like in any profession, there are bad actors, that doesn't make the whole profession bad.

Good marketing is not sleazy; it's a great service to society when done ethically.

Think about it...

Most of the brands you buy and use today, that make your life easier, came to you through marketing.

The house you live in, the car you drive, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, your choice of smart phone, your toothpaste, even the dish soap you use.

These good and useful things came to you because of marketing.

Ethical marketing is something to be proud of, because it serves people... makes their lives better.

Yeah, But Affiliate Marketing Is Difficult

Not so fast.

It can seem overwhelming at first, but the level of difficulty is much lower than you think.

If... if... if...

You learn from someone who has already blazed the trail and can show you the ropes in a simple, structured way. It's the difference between success and failure.

I can't emphasize this enough.

What you don't need is just the basic stuff you see rehashed all over the internet.

That's the hard way to learn.

Here's what I mean.

The common path people take to learn about Affiliate Marketing is trolling YouTube.

It's a wonderful resource. I use it all the time.

You can find a gazillion videos on Affiliate Marketing, from thousands of creators.

But... it's up to you to collate 'the good stuff', flush 'the bad stuff', know the difference between the two, and move forward with a plan.

Good luck with that.

If you're a beginner in this space, you won't know the right questions to ask or what 'the good stuff' really is.

'The bad stuff' will quickly reveal itself in lost time and money.

Like trying to assemble a 1,000,000 piece jigsaw puzzle... without the picture on the box.

That's a recipe for frustration and overwhelm, and a precursor to quitting.

Here's What You Need To Win

Learn From People Who Know Their Craft

Don't waste your time, money, and energy learning from people who are just cutting and pasting crap from cheap courses they bought, and calling it 'training'. Or making videos of other peoples' videos in the hope they will miraculously go viral.

Learn to discern the difference between authentic content and the echo chamber of doom.

Better still... Be the difference!

It Must Work Fast

When you learn from seasoned marketers, you get all the best (and proven) stuff up front. If you learn this way, results come quickly because there is minimal trial and error. You won't feel like a lab rat in someone else's experiment.

Be Prepared To Invest In Yourself

The three specific areas of personal development you will need to level up are... 


Entrepreneurship requires that you think differently, that you level up your skills, and that you use the right tools, in the right way, to get the job done.

The greatest investment you can make is in yourself.

Your transformation remains.

YOU become your best asset, which almost guarantees your success in whatever you choose to do down the road.

More personal development means you bring more value to the marketplace, and the more value you bring to the marketplace, the more money you make.

That's how it works.

Don't be cheap here

Invest in yourself.

There are no free lunches.

Stick With Timeless Marketing Principles

Strategies change, tactics change, technology changes, social media platforms come and go, but human psychology remains timeless.

Become a master of understanding human behavior.

Speak to their needs in your marketing.

Don't be distracted by bright shiny objects, hacks, loopholes, countdown timers, fake scarcity, or any other manipulative junk out there.

Be genuine. Be authentic. Be honest.

Read books by greats like John Caples, John Carlton, Joe Sugarman, Robert Cialdini on the subjects of influence, copywriting, offer creation, and others.

People are way more sophisticated than you think. Pushy sales gimmicks might get you some sales, but it won't build you a long term, sustainable business.

Focus on High Ticket Products and Services

It takes about as much time and effort to promote a $20 offer as a $2,000 offer. An an example... if your goal is to earn $10,000 per month, then you'd need to sell 500 x $20 products per month (not likely) versus just 5 x $2,000 products per month to hit that goal. (totally doable)

Is your time worth $20 per hour, or $2,000 per hour? Think about that. Most people undervalue themselves and settle for scraps.

Look for high-value, high-ticket products that have mass appeal and 'buzz' in the marketplace, that make peoples' lives better.

Only sell what people want to buy.

Sounds basic, but you'll be surprised how much time and effort folks waste peddling stuff nobody wants. 

Look for a vendor/product that provides recurring commissions. 

This means working with vendors that sell multiple products, and when someone you've already referred to them buys additional products in the future - you get paid a commission on those as well.

In the industry, this is called 'lifetime commissions'. Most vendors do not offer this.

Do The Work

There's no marketing hack, sales funnel magic, or clever software that can make you successful if you're not going to do the work.

Tools lying in the bottom of a toolbox are worthless until they are used.

The market doesn't pay you for having the best products, it rewards you for solving problems and serving your customers.

Reading email, pushing paper around on your desk, watching cat pics on Facebook, or bingeing YouTube videos won't make you a dime.

It's going to take hard work and dedication to succeed.





It's not about just being busy, and calling that work - it's about being productive and getting results.

You must believe in what you are doing too... this will provide the rocket fuel to push through challenges.

There'll be plenty of those.

Understand the Numbers

4% of your customers will generate 64% of your revenues. 

We can thank Vilfredo Pareto for this 80/20 principle of outcomes.

It applies to affiliate marketers too.

All aspects of life, actually.

Remember, most people you offer your product to... will NOT buy. That's normal.

That's why you can't expect to start affiliate marketing today, or any business for that matter, and get rich by the following Friday.

Money comes last... always.

You must persist until you get the reward... no matter how long the cycle.

One savvy Entrepreneur put it this way, "Don't rush the washing machine. In order for the clothes to get clean, it must go through all the cycles".

When you know the numbers and manage your expectations, you'll be less likely to sabotage your efforts by quitting too soon, only to start all over again with another bright shiny object.

Don't do that to yourself.

Don't believe the hype.

Play the long game.

That's how you win.

Setup Your Systems

If you structure your marketing correctly, you'll have customers coming to you, not you chasing them. Think about it... if you're chasing someone, in which direction are they moving? 

Away from you, right?

Not what you want.

Don't chase people, learn how to attract them and serve them. 

Much better.

You need to predictably and consistently attract new buyers. Without buyers every day, you don't have a business. This is your number one priority.

Speak only to highly qualified prospects.

But how?

You filter your prospects through the copy you use your marketing, causing them to self-select. The folks that remain will raise their hands for more information, and the looky-loos will go back to whatever they were doing before.


Develop a highly automated system that does most of the sifting and sorting for you.

Turn Distractions Into Opportunity

Take the decision to become a creator instead of just a consumer.

Let the phone in your hand make you rich, a marketing juggernaut.

Or... you can keep scrolling through endless hours of junk, that does nothing for you.

Your choice.

Why not take what is normally a total distraction and use it to transform your financial future?

Make the change.

Start now.

Get laser focused on learning one thing.


Your dreams are waiting... don't put them on the altar of entertainment.

Watching Netflix won't pay your mortgage, your bills, or send you on multiple vacations per year.

Ready For A Deeper Dive?

If you've read this far, then you're a great candidate for Entrepreneurship.


Because most people have already bailed by now. (too much work involved)

Yes... work.

I think it's only fair to paint a clearer picture for folks about what's involved in running a real online business... one that will handsomely fund your future.

Not a hobby.

Is it lucrative and rewarding when done properly?


My goal is to serve and help you on your journey and I hope this short post has given you more clarity about what it takes to do affiliate marketing successfully.

If you can still commit to doing business online after reading this page - life is about to get a whole lot better for you.

I'm ready to help.

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